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The Reduction Effect of Leukocyte Fragments by Leukodepletion Filter
백혈구 제거용 필터의 백혈구 단편 제거 효과
The Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion 2003;14:223−228
Published online December 28, 2003
© 2003 The Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion.

In Bum Suh, M.D., Tae Sik Kim, M.D.*, Sook Won Ryu, M.D.**, Eun Ah Chang, M.D.**, Chae seung Lim, M.D**, Yunjeong Cho, M.D.**, Kap No Lee, M.D.**, Kyung Ran Ma, M.D.
서인범, 김태식*, 류숙원**, 장은아**, 임채승**, 조윤정**, 이갑노**, 마경란
Keywords : Leukocyte framents, Leuko depleted filter, Packed RBC, Efficiency

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