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Comparison of Monocyte Selection Method by Immunomagnetic Adsorption or Adherence for the Generation of Dendritic cells
수지상세포 제조를 위한 면역자성흡착능 및 부착능을 이용한 단구 분리법의 비교
The Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion 2004;15:213−219
Published online December 27, 2004
© 2004 The Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion.

Kyung-Ah Cheong, Ok-Mi Choi, Sung-E Choi, Hyunah Lee*, Young-Joon Lee
정경아, 최옥미, 최성이, 이현아*, 이영준
Keywords : dendritic cell, immunomagnetic adsorption, plastic adherence


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