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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Summary of the five new types of manuscripts introduced in 2023*

Types of manuscripts Definition
Opinion Opinion articles allow authors to contribute viewpoints on the interpretation of recent findings in any research area, the value of the methods used, as well as the weaknesses and strengths of scientific hypotheses.
Illustrated An illustrated manuscript includes pictures, line drawings, and other visuals and a brief explanation that together capture a unique aspect of transfusion medicine.
Mini-review Mini-review articles cover focused aspects of a current area of investigationand its recent developments in transfusion medicine. They offer asuccinct and clear summary of the topic, allowing readers to get up-to-date on new developments and/or emerging concepts.
Protocol Protocol articles present either a new or established method, protocol, or technique that is of significant interest in transfusion medicine.
Annual report Annual report articles are yearly reports on projects or services conducted by academic societies, organizations, or institutions related to the Korean Society of Blood Transfusion.

*For detailed information, refer to the author guidelines within the online submission system of the Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion (

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