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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Results of six tasks of the Korean Blood Safety Project Group for transfusion services in medical institutes

Task name (principal investigator) Task results [paper reference of related task] Year (2012∼2021) Purpose
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Operation of the Recipient Hemovigilance System (RHS) (Han KS and JW Hyun by Korean Society of Blood Transfusion) Published two papers [6,7] and a guidebook for investigating transfusion adverse reactions (TAR). Produced annual reports on the activities of the RHS. Held annual briefing meetings* for RHS participants, except in 2013. Produced and distributed leaflets on the TAR algorithm and definitions. Maintained the RHS website Registration & monitoring
Blood management and transfusion education for staff in medical institutes (Kim HO, Kwon KC) Published two papers [8,9]. Conducted annual training on blood and transfusion management, either face-to-face meetings (2015∼2019) or online education (2020∼2021). Produced training videos Training
Operations of regional networks for blood transfusion management (RNBTM) (Lim YA) Published a paper [10] and a guidebook for the Hospital Transfusion Committee (HTC). Revised the HTC guidebook twice (2nd and 3rd revisions). Held bi- annual regional meetings for transfusion service medical doctors in each of the 14 regions to share up-to-date knowledge. Held bi-annual meetings a year for each facilitator in 14 regions. Operating a monthly journal club since 2020 Information provision
Strengthening management of the Blood Inventory Monitoring System (BIMS) (Lim YA) Recruited and managed two persons for BIMS operation. Revised the Korean BIMS operation guide. Reorganized two related training videos Registration & monitoring
Revision of national transfusion guideline (Um TH) Based on publishing the 2nd revised national transfusion guideline Guideline
Establishment of a patient registry with rare blood groups (Park KU) Published a paper [11]. Developed the computerized Korean Rare Blood Program Registration & monitoring

*Changed into integrated Korean Blood Safety Project workshops since 2020.

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