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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Case reports of RhD-positive blood transfusions to “Asia-type” DEL patients in Korea

Description RHD genotype Transfused RhD-positive blood product Anti-D antibody Reference
66 years old Korean male 1227G>A RBCs (2 units) Negative after transfusion Park et al. [6]
29 years old Korean male 1227G>A RBCs (5 units), SDPs (40 units), PC (12 units), FFP (6 units), Cryo (15 units) Negative after transfusion Choi et al. [7]

Abbreviations: RBCs, red blood cells; SDP, single donor platelets; PC, platelet concentrate; FFP, fresh-frozen plasma; Cryo, cryoprecipitate.

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