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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Proposed storage and transport temperature for RBC*

Organization Region Stored Transport
ISBT 2020 Worldwide 2∼6°C must not go below 1°C 2∼10°C maximum transit time 24 hours
FDA USA 1∼6°C 1∼10°C
JPAC UK 4±2°C 2∼10°C
MHLW Japan 2∼6°C No standard guideline
MOHW Korea 2∼6°C No standard guideline

*The data in Reference 9 is modified and cited.

Abbreviations: ISBT, international society of blood transfusion; FDA, food and drug administration; JPAC, joint UK blood transfusion and tissue transplantation services; MHLW, ministry of health, labor and welfare in Japan; MOHW, ministry of health and welfare.

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