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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Transfusion management divisions’ tasks in hospitals included in this study

Tasks Total
Transfusion appropriateness assessment 10
Education related to transfusion 10
Transfusion adverse reaction 10
Management of blood inventory 9
Prioritization of blood usage in case of blood shortage 6
Transfusion-related index management 5
Tasks related to the management of transfusion management committee 3
Management of blood-related index for hospital accreditation and assessment 1
Accreditation and assessment about blood management 1
Development and management of transfusion-associated information system 1
Transfusion quality improvement and safety activity 1
Transfusion study (patient blood management, transfusion quality control, etc.) 1
Management of transfusion-related error 1
Management of blood refrigerators in wards 1
Amendment of transfusion standard operation process 1

The last column denotes the number of hospitals performing the corresponding tasks.

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