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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Phenotypes and genotypes of cis-AB blood groups reported in Korea and transfusion strategy in patients with cis-AB blood group

PhenotypesCell typeSerum typeGenotypesTransfusion strategy based on phenotypesSimple transfusion strategyRef.

A2B34+1+∼3+--1+∼2+cis-AB01/OA or OABOAB[1,5]
4+1+∼3+---AB or OABOAB
A1B34+1+∼2+3+∼4+-1+∼2+cis-AB01/AA or OABOAB[1]
4+1+∼2+3+∼4+--AB or OABOAB
A2B4+4+---cis-AB01/B,cis-AB04/B,cis-AB09/BAB or OABOAB[1-3]
4+4+-1+∼2+-B or OABOAB
A1Bw*4+Trace4+-1+∼2+cis-AB01/AA or OABOAB[1]
4+Trace4+--AB or OABOAB
4+-4+-1+∼2+A or OAB or AOAB
4+-4+--AB or OAB or AOAB

A1Bel, A1Bx, A1Bm.

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