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Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Aug;30(2):101-78
Review Article
Alloantibodies to High-Incidence Antigen: Review of Cases and Transfusion Experiences in Korea
Seung Jun Choi, Yoo Na Chung, Duck Cho, Sinyoung Kim
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Aug;30(2):101-12
Original Articles
Identification of MicroRNA Related to the CD34+ Cell Fraction of Cord Blood Stem Cells
Joon Hee Lee, Eun Young Song, Namhee Kim, Eun Youn Roh, Hyun-Woong Park, Jong Hyun Yoon, Sue Shin
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Aug;30(2):113-23
Molecular Genetic and Serologic Analysis of the O allele in the Korean Population
Ja Young Lee, Sae Am Song, Seung Hwan Oh
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Aug;30(2):124-37
Development of a Transfusion-Indication Data-Entry Program and Analysis of Transfusion Indications at a University Hospital in Korea
Woo Yong Shin, Jeong Jae Lee, Haran Chung, Jeong Won Shin
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Aug;30(2):138-47
Risk Factors for Adverse Events of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Assessed in a Single Center Study
Cheon-Gang Park, A-Jin Lee, Seon-Ho Mun, Sang-Gyung Kim, Chang-Ho Jeon, Hun Suk Suh
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Aug;30(2):148-55
Estimation of the Residual Risk of Transfusion-Transmissible Infectious Agents in Korea
Jae-won Kang, Sunmi Shin, Dong Hee Seo, Jungwon Kang, Dae-Hyun Ko, Chie Eun Song, Mi Nam Lee, Jun Nyun Kim
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Aug;30(2):156-62
Short Report
Investigation of the Association of HCV or HIV Markers in Non-Discriminated Blood Donations
JungWon Kang, Sunmi Shin, Jae-won Kang, Young Ik Seo, Hyukki Min, Myunghan Kim
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Aug;30(2):163-7
Case Report
Case of D-Variant from a Frameshift Mutation RHD 711delC
Taeo Ma, Hongbi Yu, Suhak Jeon, Duck Cho, Sejong Chun, Myung Geun Shin
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Aug;30(2):168-73
Letters to the Editor
Experiences of Blood Bank Performance in Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital
Pil Sun Nam
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Aug;30(2):174-7
Erratum: Author’s order correction Comparison of the Effectiveness in the Application of Competitive and Noncompetitive Internal Control for the Laboratory Developed Polymerase Chain Reaction
Jung Won Kang, Sun-Mi Shin, Jae-won Kang, Young Ik Seo, Hyukki Min
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Aug;30(2):178-
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Current Status for Cord Blood Transplantation and Public Cord Blood Bank in Korea
Sue Shin, Eun Youn Roh, Jong Hyun Yoon
Analysis of Anti-HIV Positive Rates and False-Positive Cases in a Tertiary Care Hospital - Single Institute Study
Jeong Won Shin, Rojin Park, Seok Soon Aum, Tae Youn Choi
Diverse Phenotypes of Cis-AB Blood Group and Transfusion Strategy
Min-Seung Park, Sejong Chun, Chun Hee Lee, and Duck Cho
Received November 21, 2016; Accepted December 6, 2016.