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Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):211-310
Review Articles
Strategies to Prevent Transfusion-Transmitted Infection in Blood Centers
Dong Woo Shin, Hyungsuk Kim, Boram Kim, Tae Yeul Kim, Yun Ji Hong, Taek Soo Kim, Jeong Su Park, Eun Young Song, Kyoung Un Park, Kyou-Sup Han
Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):211-24
Quality Assurance of Diagnostic Immunologic Tests for Screening of Transfusion-Transmissible Infections at Korean Blood Centers
Yoo Na Chung, Seung Gyu Yun, Jung Suk Kwag, Yunjung Cho
Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):225-37
Original Articles
The Clinical Significance of Implementing Concurrent Direct Antiglobulin Test and Antibody Elution Test in Diagnosing Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn
Hyunjin Nah, Eunkyung Lee, Jaewoo Song, June-Won Cheong, Hyun Ok Kim
Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):238-47
Comparative Analytical Study on Massive Transfusion between Traumatic Emergency and Existing Emergency Rooms for Traumatic Patients at a Tertiary Hospital
Dong-Won Yoo, Hyerim Kim, Kyung-Hwa Shin, Hyun-Ji Lee, Chulhun L. Chang, Hyung-Hoi Kim
Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):248-55
Proposal of Evaluation Method for Leukoreduction Blood Filter and Evaluation of Domestic Filter
Geon Sik Shin, Sung Hoon Kim, Bohee Kim, Kyeong Rak Lee, Jae Won Kang, Kwang Huh, Juwon Kim, Ki-Jong Rhee, Yoon Suk Kim
Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):256-63
Estimation of the Outbreaks of Transfusion-Transmissible Emerging Infectious Diseases in Korean Blood Donors by Public Data
Jae-Won Kang, Jong-Hyun Seo, Jungwon Kang, Kyoung Won Youn, Sun-Mi Shin, Young Ik Seo, Kwang Huh
Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):264-74
Assessment of the Training Program for Improvement of Blood Management at Hospital Blood Centers by Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -Analysis of Survey Results (2015∼2017)-
Tae Hyun Um, Hyun Ok Kim, Mi Nam Lee, Choong Hoon Jang, Min Joo Kim, Jun Nyun Kim
Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):275-81
A Survey of the Opinions of Transfusion Specialists on Transfusion Policy of Thalassemia Patients in Korea
Hyun Ji Lee, Kyung-Hwa Shin, Hyung-Hoi Kim, Min-Ju Kim, Jun Nyun Kim
Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):282-9
Assessment of Medical Trainnees’ Knowledge and Their Educational Needs on Transfusion Medicine
Jinsook Lim, Hyunjin Kim, Young Ae Lim, Hwan Sub Lim, Jun Nyun Kim, Sae-Rom Choi, Gye Cheol Kwon
Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):290-7
Case Reports
A Case of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura with Exacerbation after Incomplete Remission of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
Yong-Hak Sohn, Chunhwa Ihm, Eun-Hye Choi, Sang Kwang Lee
Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):298-303
Identification of Anti-G in Pregnant Women with RhD Negative Blood: The First Case in Korea
Sooin Choi, Sun Joo Yoon, Ji Young Seo, Sejong Chun, Soo-Young Oh, Duck Cho
Korean J Blood Transfus 2017 Dec;28(3):304-10
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Evaluation of the Automated Blood Bank Systems Galileo NEO and QWALYS-3 for ABO-RhD Typing and Antibody Screening
Mi-Ae Jang, Jong Won Oh, Seung-Tae Lee, Ji Young Seo, Dae-Won Kim
Received November 21, 2014; Accepted December 15, 2014.
Transfusion Strategy and Laboratory Update on the DEL Variant
Min-Hee Seo, Borahm Kim, Jeong-Ran Kwon, Young-Sill Choi, Jun Nyun Kim, Kyoung Un Park, and Duck Cho
Received March 31, 2015; Accepted April 14, 2015.
Network Computer Management System Development for Blood Transfusion in ABO-Incompatible Stem Cell Transplantation
Joo-Hyoung Hwang, Su-Jin Kang, Tea-Kyu An, Hyun Mee Bae, Yoon Kyung Song, Ji Yeon Sohn,
Hyeon Seok Eom, Hyeon Jin Park, Sun-Young Kong
Received December 8, 2014; Accepted December 19, 2014.