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Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Dec;30(3):205-52
Original Articles
Analysis of HCV RNA Genotypes and Quantitative Values of Korean HCV NAT Reactive Blood Donors
Sunmi Shin, Jae-won Kang, Jungwon Kang, Young Ik Seo, Jung Ran Park, Dae Dong Lee, Hyukki Min, Myunghan Kim
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Dec;30(3):205-11
Experience with Analyzing Patient Safety Incident Reports and Applying Corrective Action in a Blood Bank
Moon Kyung Kim, Hyun Ji Lee, Soo Hwa Kang, Sun Min Lee, In-Suk Kim, Chulhun L. Chang
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Dec;30(3):212-8
Case Series of Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury in a Tertiary Hospital and a Practical Comparison with the New Diagnostic Criteria
Kwang Seob Lee, Sinyoung Kim, Juhye Roh, Seung Jun Choi, Hyun Ok Kim
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Dec;30(3):219-29
Short Report
Distribution of Hemoglobin Concentration before Transfusion for Evaluation of Appropriateness of Red Blood Cell Transfusion
In-Hwa Jeong, Kyeong-Hee Kim, Gyu-Dae An, Gi-Cheol Jeong
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Dec;30(3):230-5
Case Reports
ABO*B3.01 Found in the A1B3 Phenotype Showing ABO Discrepancy: The First Case in Korea
Namsu Kim, HongBi Yu, Jaehyeon Lee, Dal Sik Kim, Hye Soo Lee, Yoo Na Chung, Yong Gon Cho, Duck Cho
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Dec;30(3):236-40
A Case of Hemolytic Disease of Newborn due to Anti-Dia: Consideration of the Inclusion of Dia Antigen in Antibody Screening Test
Han-Sol Kim, Chae-Ku Jo, Sin-Young Kim, Kyeong-Hee Kim, Myo-Jing Kim
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Dec;30(3):241-5
Rifampin-Induced Immune Hemolytic Anemia during Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in a Patient with Primary Sjogren’s Syndrome
Jin-Woo Souk, Yang-Ki Kim, Gae-Eil Jang, Hyun-Seok Jeong, Soo-Taek Uh, Ki-Up Kim, So-My Koo, Bo-Young Lee, Hyunjin Noh, Woo Yong Shin, Jeong Won Shin, So-Young Jin
Korean J Blood Transfus 2019 Dec;30(3):246-52
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Current Status for Cord Blood Transplantation and Public Cord Blood Bank in Korea
Sue Shin, Eun Youn Roh, Jong Hyun Yoon
Analysis of Anti-HIV Positive Rates and False-Positive Cases in a Tertiary Care Hospital - Single Institute Study
Jeong Won Shin, Rojin Park, Seok Soon Aum, Tae Youn Choi
Diverse Phenotypes of Cis-AB Blood Group and Transfusion Strategy
Min-Seung Park, Sejong Chun, Chun Hee Lee, and Duck Cho
Received November 21, 2016; Accepted December 6, 2016.