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The Effect of Additional Factor XIII on Cross-linking in Fibrin Glue
섬유소 풀(Fibrin Glue)의 교차결합에 대한 제 XIII 응고인자의 보강 효과
The Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion 1994;5:137−142
Published online November 5, 1994
© 1994 The Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion.

Seog Woon Kwon, M.D., Jung Won Huh, M.D., Eul Ju Seo, M.D., Hyun Sook Chi, M.D.
권석운, 허정원, 서을주, 지현숙
Keywords : Fibrin Glue, Factor XIII,

April 2021, 32 (1)
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