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Evaluation of the Third-generation Enzyme Immunoassay and Confirmatory Test for Anti-HCV
C형간염 항체검출을 위한 제3세대 효소면역츨정법과 확인검사의 평가
The Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion 1994;5:115−126
Published online November 5, 1994
© 1994 The Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion.

Dae Won Kim, M.D., Seog Woon Kwon, M.D.*, Hyun Sook Chi, M.D.*, In Soo Kim, Ph.D.**
김대원, 권석운*, 지현숙*, 김인수**
Keywords : Hepatitis C Virus(HCV), Third-generation anti-HCV EIA, Immunoblot assay(RIBA-2 and Lucky Confirm), Reverse transcriptase-Polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR)

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