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Report on External Proficiency Testing for Blood Grouping Tests in Blood Centers (2011)
헌혈혈액 혈액형검사 외부 숙련도조사 결과보고(2011)
The Korean Society of Blood Transfusion 2012;23:38−47
Published online April 30, 2012
© 2012 The Korean Society of Blood Transfusion.

Young Ae Lim1, Young Joo Cha2, Jin Q Kim3, Mi Nam Lee4, Jee Yeon Shin4
Background:To ensure safety of blood transfusion, accuracy in performance of blood grouping tests (BGT) is essential. External proficiency testing (PT) for BGT has not been conducted in Korea. The first PT for BGT in domestic blood centers was conducted in order to evaluate the domestic status of accuracy of BGT in blood centers and to aid in improving the quality of blood centers.
Methods:Whole blood survey specimens consisting of three panels for ABO grouping and two panels for Rh typing were sent to 81 blood centers. Evaluation criteria for BGT were as follows: 'Good' for answers with 100% referee consensus, 'Acceptable' for correct answers other than those of the referee, and 'Unacceptable' for answers other than those of 'Good+acceptable' as correct answers.
Results:Rates of correct answers on three panels for ABO grouping were all 100%; however, that of cell typing for the panel with BW was 61.7%, and 31 blood centers incorrectly reported normal 'B' type as an answer. The rate of correct answers for the Rh negative panel was 100%; however, that for the weak D panel was 84%, and 13 blood centers incorrectly reported Rh negative type as an answer.
Conclusion:Findings from this study demonstrated that some hospital blood centers were not able to correctly detect blood groups with weak antigens. Therefore, to improve the quality of blood centers, intensive education for blood center staff and continued PT for BGT should be required. (Korean J Blood Transfus 2012;23:-47)
Keywords : External proficiency testing, ABO grouping, Rh typing, Blood center

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