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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Allele separation of 31 heterozygous alleles performed by seamless cloning and plasmid-sequencing

Location of alleles Alleles ABO*B.01/O.01 Plasmid type A Plasmid type B
Intron 2 c.98+362 Y C T
c.98+369 S C G
c.98+396 Y T C
c.98+437 Y C T
c.98+539 M C A
c.98+575 Y C T
c.98+102 M C A
c.98+1678 Y T C
Intron 5 c.239+336 R G A
c.239+530 R G A
Exon 6 c.261 G/del G Del
c.297 R G A
Intron 6 c.374+42 K T G
c.374+163 Y C T
c.374+179 Y T C
c.374+271 R G A
c.374+280 Y T C
c.374+446 R G A
c.374+628 R G A
c.374+784 R G A
c.374+786 R G A
c.374+891 R G A
c.374+901 R A G
c.374+950 R G A
Exon 7 c.526 S G C
c.657 Y T C
c.703 R A G
c.796 M A C
c.803 S C G
c.930 R A G
c.1096 R A G
Intended allele result ABO*B.01 ABO*O.01

Abbreviations: Y, C/T; S, G/C; M, A/C; R, A/G; K, G/T.

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