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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Estimation of a specified number of donors who were exposed to dengue virus

2016 2017 2018
Estimated number of donorswho were not deferred even returning less than a month after an overseas trip (Dm)* 74,896 84,975 97,606
Estimated number of donors who have visited dengue outbreak areas among the Dm 18,834 22,429 27,666

*Calculated by Am-Do. Calculated by Dm×(To/Tt).

Am: Estimated number of donation-applicants who have returned less than a month after an overseas trip (Table 3).

Do: Number of disqualified donors due to overseas trip (Table 3).

To: Number of travelers to the dengue outbreak area among the total population (Table 3).

Tt: Number of travelers among the total population.

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