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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Comparison of (de) glycerolized red blood cells with and without prefreeze volume reduction by the removal of excess glycerol after glycerolization

 ParametersNo-PFVR1 units (n=30)PFVR2 units (n=5)
Prefreeze RBC
 Volume (mL)229.6±10.6242.8±15.6
 Total Hb (g)56.3±3.160.1±3.4
Glycerolized RBC
 Volume (mL)644.8±36.1287.6±21.5*
 Hematocrit (%)30.5±1.670.4±4.3*
 Total Hb (g)53.3±2.856.4±3.4
Deglycerolized RBC
 Volume (mL)307.3±2.4308.3±1.6
 Hematocrit (%)45.3±2.550.8±1.7*
 Total Hb (g)43.9±2.848.5±3.0*
 Plasma Hb (mg/dL)4.4±1.94.5±2.1
 RBC recovery (%)81.5±4.785.6±2.4
 Supernatant osmolarity (mOsm/Kg·H2O)339.2±22.3347.8±14.1
 Simulated transfusion (%)0.18±0.080.16±0.05
 SterilityNo growthNo growth

No-PFVR, No prefreeze volume reduction;

PFVR, prefreeze volume reduction; RBC, red blood cells; Hb, hemoglobin.

* Data are reported as mean±SD.

* Significantly different (P<0.05, Student’s t-test) from the values obtained with prefreeze removal of excess glycerol.

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