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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Comparison between males and females with massive transfusions for the mean age and number of blood products transfused


 Age RBC PLT Cryo FFP All
F (n=117)Mean56.416.612.20.412.024.6
M (n=228)Mean52.018.813.40.514.528.4
P value*0.0320.0590.4470.4220.0740.566
Total (n=345)Mean53.518.

The number of RBC products transfused for a massive transfusion means the products transfused within 24 hours after starting the transfusions.

Male (M) vs female (F) using Student’s t-test.

Abbreviations: RBC, all red blood cell (RBC) products including packed RBCs, leuko-reduced RBCs and washed RBCs; PLT, single donor platelets (SDP) and random platelet concentrates (PC), SDP was considered equivalent to 6 units of PC; FFP, fresh frozen plasma; Cryo, Cryoprecipitates; SD, standard deviation.

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